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Clay Cross RT (News)
28th April 2017
Congratulations Alexi Edwards

 Alexi achieves 2nd Cat at just 16

21st April 2017
Martin Lonie wins Grampian Road Race

 An impressive start to the 2017 race season

Welcome to Clay Cross RT

Thanks for visiting our Team website.

Clay Cross RT was formed from an idea in February 2011 by a group of passionate and hard working cyclists who wanted to run a team differently, a team that they could all be proud of with its Northern mining connections, and a team that would represent the little N.E Derbyshire town of Clay Cross.

It made sense to call the team Clay Cross RT as this would eventually become the meeting point for team rides, and also the fact that every team training ride (thanks to Tommo) would do a detour and end up going through this little town packed full of history, character and true Northern grit.

Clay Cross is situated on the A61 just south of Chesterfield and the contrast in countryside either side of the town couldn’t be more evident, to the West is the green rolling hilly craggy countryside of the Peaks, and to the East is the remarkably different flat lands of the beautiful but sometimes bleak countryside of the former N.E Derbyshire collieries and mining towns that scatter this area with such intention but in reality are now no little more than ghost towns.

This is what makes Clay Cross so unique and this is why were all very proud to be riding in the colours of Clay Cross RT, and in turn with our small but powerful team we hope to make a big impression this year on the Northern and East Midlands Regions.



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